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To provide emotional support, education, assistance, and intervention as necessary to all youths and young adults in crisis and those impacted by them, with the goal of reducing suicides, bullying, and self-destructive behaviours. B.E.D.S. advocates for the well-being of every youth in our community by developing networks of educational and counseling resources.


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Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you. 

Meaning Behind B.E.D.S

B.E.D.S - Branden Edward Darce St.Clair

Within 15 days of the Suicide of our 14 year old son Branden Edward Darce St.Clair, I had spoken to over 200 teens in our community that have either contemplated suicide or have been self harming do to depression and anxiety. Their main argument has been, no one will listen when they do speak out, or there is no one to speak out to due to the repercussions of such an action. I feel that there's a serious problem in the current support systems, not only the schools, but at homes as well. Within a week of Branden's passing, we were told by several teens his age that at some point from six grade to ninth grade that our son had either stopped them or talked them out of suicide or self harm. I have now spoken to over a thousand families in this community and that has lead us to create the Teen outreach center.

B.E.D.S. Vision Statement: We are a non-profit dedicated to helping our youth know and believe that hope and happiness is possible through compassion, understanding, and friendship. And that they are never alone.

The mission of B.E.D.S. Teen Outreach Center is to bring the youth of our communities closer to a healthier lifestyle through a direct focus on anxiety, depression, and self-harm prevention. Our direct and immediate focus is on suicide prevention and community outreach. We endeavour to improve mental health outcomes by offering our teenagers access to face-to-face help that is not affiliated with any particular religion, school system, or for profit health care facility. Our goal is to open teens’ minds to healthier ways to dialogue, respond to stress, and to help them find solutions to modern problems. B.E.D.S. Teen Outreach Center is dedicated to reducing teen suicide and improving mental health in our communities through assistance, free educational programs, and connection to counseling, and crisis intervention resources.

B.E.D.S. Teen Outreach Center will provide a neutral, safe place for these teens and young adults to expand their social circle in a safe and healthy environment. The Center is a place where teens can go to receive services designed to help them handle day-to-day challenges while encouraging their personal growth and development. The Center will offer mental health workshops focusing on depression and anxiety, along with providing assistance with self-harm prevention, cyber-bullying, and suicide awareness and prevention. 

The Center will also offer enrichment programs to assist teens with homework and ACT/SAT preparation. Enrichment programs will also include computer workshops, art workshops, movie nights, yoga, and zumba classes, with more to come. All of our programs and workshops will be provided free of charge to the youth of our community. Our goal is the help the youth know and believe that hope and happiness is possible through compassion, understanding, and friendship. And that they are never alone.



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